Tips for making your vegetable garden beautiful

  1. When you plant use string. I am HORRIBLE at making straight lines of seeds. Using string tied to two stakes for your rows insures even spacing and beautiful results for seeds or pre-potted plants.
  2. Weed your garden in the morning on a day that it is not going to rain. The morning means not to hot for you, and the weeds will have all day to cook in the hot sun. If you weed before a rain, somehow all the weeds replant themselves…I don’t know how this happens but it is a fact
  3. Plant flowers. I know it one more thing… but sunflowers (my fav) along the edge of the garden adds a huge wow factor plus you can eat the seeds after the bloom dies.
  4. Put taller plants to the back. Tomatoes or trellised plants should be put in the back as to not block the view to the rest of your beauties. Keep in mind though, you want your tall plants to the north of your garden so not to shade other things.
  5. If you are like me, keeping up with weeds in your rows is an annoyance at best, and they win the battle most of the time. Therefore I usually cheat. Adding landscaping cloth, or cardboard in your rows minimizes weeds making your garden prettier. Likewise I also use straw around tomato plants to keep weeds down and moisture in.
  6. If time allows, fence it in. A fence gives you more definition. If you don’t want to fence, plant garden away from the edges enough that you can mow right up next to the garden. NO LONG GRASS in-between yard and garden. This is an easy way to made things look more trimmed. I have told myself in previous years “oh i’ll just weed-wack” yeah right. This didn’t happen and it looked terrible. Mowing up to the dirt is a way better option.

Hope these tips help you create a beautiful garden!

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