So as we all know, gardening is a hurry up and wait game. Hurry get your seeds in, wait forever until harvest. But now, as I am trying of making money on the homestead, have realized that people buy time. A seed packet that costs $3 and contains 25 seeds will equal 25 large plants that sell for $5 each.  Those same seeds are now worth $125. All that is added: time (and some dirt and water). A egg cost .25 cents; add twenty eight days in the incubator, now is worth $3. Add another twenty weeks to laying age, now worth $10. Just add time (chicken food and water). Strange that farming seems to work this way, most jobs you get paid for your skill set, or selling a readymade product. But here, all you need is some time (and hopefully a green thumb,) to turn cents into dollars. People generally don’t have time, convenience items are a must, and easier is better. So now more than ever, people are willing to pay for time. Which leads me to my next thought, is my time for sale? I suppose it is, so why not spend it on doing what I love? If I can teach my kids along the way to garden their own food, milk a cow, tend to bees, and care for tiny quail, isn’t it time well spent? Sometimes it isn’t the end of the road that we should try to get to, the million dollar idea realized, or the checklist completed. Sometimes it’s just enjoying the time along the way. Of coarse, this is only made possible by have a loving husband who is the actual breadwinner, my goal is to earn enough so that my hobby farm is self supporting. Hubby keeps the lights on. So  I am forever grateful to him that I have time. After all, a little time is all we get.

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