So this year I have decided to make money. Well, try to make money. Well, at least start the process, of trying to try to, make money. Birds are the first attempt. I purchased 3 narganesett turkeys (1 tom and 2 hens) in hopes for getting away from the unsustainable broad breasted varieties. Although they are very delicious, they can not be bred without artificial insemination. (yes I have inseminated our pig but you have to draw the line somewhere)  So I am hopeful our new turkeys will be a renewable meat source and also a source of income. I received two incubators for Christmas so now all I need are some eggs. Any day ladies! I also have been curious about quail. I have never eaten a quail, but let me make my case. I have learned that their food to egg conversion is higher than chickens, they can lay eggs in 6 weeks, and they can be purchased for meat outright or for the avid hunter, purchased for their dogs. So my wheels start turning, maybe this multi purpose bird could be a money maker? So my dad, never shying to a challenge, decides he is not only on board with the idea, but will build the taj mahal of all aviaries. This thing is to be big, beautiful, and functional. See the photo? That is just the FRONT of this building. So, as we get closer to installation, I will update everyone on progress. But for now, we are just starting the process, of trying to try, to make money 🙂

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